Security – one of the hottest topics of nowadays. Every day we send and receive e-mails, use passwords everywhere to enter applications, access information etc. All these actions are a perfect opportunity for security to be disrupted.  

Over 70% small businesses feel vulnerable to a cyber-attack, yet 90% don’t use data protection for their business and costumer’s information. So how come small businesses don’t have the security they need? 

Not setting security as a business priority and having misconceptions like “Security is too expensive and complex“ lead small businesses to unprotected management and makes them vulnerable. 

Microsoft 365 Business is a perfect solution for you to increase the security of your organization. Not only that you have various office tools and access anywhere, but Cloud storage and sharing as well. The most important is that Microsoft 365 Business can reduce time spent on decision making and make all of it absolutely secured. 

To get a full-scale picture take a guided tour of Microsoft 365 Business. 

So, what are Microsoft 365 Business security benefits? 

Protect against security threats 

  • Protect inboxes against spam and viruses 
  • Block ransomware and phishing attacks 
  • Keep Windows 10 devices safe from sophisticated malware 

Good to know: Phishing attacks are the most common way to start cyber-attack (over 90%). 

Protect your business against data leaks 

  • Restrict copying and saving of business information 
  • Block sharing of sensitive information like credit card numbers 
  • Prevent unauthorized users from opening or seeing sensitive documents 
  • Encrypt data on mobile devices 
  • Wipe data on lost or stolen devices 
  • Back up e-mail in secure archive 

Control on who has access to business information 

  • Only let the good guys in 
  • Know who is accessing your data 
  • Keep credentials safe 
  • Confirm identities with multi-factor authentication 
  • Quarantine compromised devices 
  • Prevent non-compliant devices from accessing your systems 

The most important is that the cost of an informational hack ranges from $84K to $148K. 

Want to stay secured or to save money? Choose security – simple and aligned with your business goals -Microsoft 365 Business. 

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