Technology all around is shaping business plans for growth and inovation within their markets. Today companies are going through digital transformation across four areas:

  1. Engaging their customers
  2. Empowering their employees
  3. Optimizing their operations
  4. Transforming their products

Growing and being in pace with digital transformation data is getting more complex than ever, constantly expanding.

Getting ahead means embracing digital transformation and getting to the cloud.

Why cloud?

Studies show that companies that embrace cloud grow 19,6% faster than ones who do not. https://var/www/

To stay competitive in today’s marketplace companies must continuously optimize how they maintain and use data that fuels their operations. Modernizing to the cloud bring to organizations operational efficiencies and business enablement to drive continued growth. IT optimization introduces some new priorities as:

  1. Eliminating time spent managing „long tail“ of applications
  2. Freeing up limited IT resources
  3. Migrating business critical apps to the cloud.

And here we go to the Azure SQL Database…

Which is your fully managed relation database-as-a service:

  • The best and most economical cloud destination for your SQL Server data
  • High-performing, reliable and secure – running on the Microsoft SQL Server engine
  • You can use it to build data-driven apps without managing infrastructure

To get bigger picture of unparalleled security and performance of SQL in a fully managed environment, let me tell you more about what Azure SQL Database brings to the table.

1. Save time and resources by seamlessly migrating SQL Server datato the cloud via a managed instance with a full SQL Server programming surface areathat removes the need to re-architect the apps.

2. Realize up to 212% ROI over 3 years by migrating your SQL Server workloads to SQL Database Managed Instance (according to recent Forrester Total Economic Impact study).

  • Microsoft offers economic incentives, such as the Azure Hybrid Benefit and reserved capacity pricing.
  • Maximize ROI of migrating to Azure, withsavings of up to 80% versus license-included pricing.
  • Azure SQL Database is the most cost-effective cloud for SQL Server (AWS is 5x more expensive).

3. SQL Database breakthrough productivity and performance meets the demands of today’s apps.

  • Each database is isolated and portable, each with its own service tier and guaranteed performance level.
  • Different performance levels for different needs, enabling the pooling of databasesto maximize resources and investment.
  • Adjust performance with minimal downtime to your app and provide foundation for future growth.
  • Dynamic scalability enables your database to transparently respond to rapidly changing resource requirements, and you pay only for the resources you need when you need them.
  • In-memory technologiesenable real-time business insight with up to 30x improved throughput and latency and up to 100x faster queries and reports.

4. Intelligent protection and industry-leading security and privacy capabilities allow you to:

  • Control access to your databases with multifactor authentication
  • Leave sensitive data encrypted while in use, with always encrypted
  • Monitor your databases for potential threats and vulnerabilities using Advanced Threat Protection

5. SQL Database also has built-in intelligence that helps customers dramatically reduce the costs of running and managing databases. And maximizes both the performance and security of their application. 

So.. in the end let’s see how it looks and what are the tools for your migration journey?

Your single destination for all things migration is Azure migration center which provides guidance and tools in context of your migration plan.

It enables you to build your case, assess your environment, identify the right migration strategies, optimize your cloud resources and connects you to a migration expert.

Ready to get started?

In order to find out the best way to modernize it would be advised to book a counseling session with specialized personnel. One click here and you can easily schedule a free call with one of our experts. Stay in the game and enjoy all the benefits of Azure SQL Database, the most economical cloud destination.