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Automating Azure Infrastructure Solutions with Aleksandar Nikolic (Online)

Would you like to learn from an Expert who for 10 years holds MVP status about Cloud and Data-center Management, in this 5-days course learn from PowerShell/Azure Expert directly, how to automate provisioning and management with automating technologies in Azure. In Co-Living Style.

Price 1.500 €
Delivery Type via Zoom/MS Teams
Location Online
Length 5 days
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Aleksandar Nikolić


The next-generation of Azure Automation

If you had an opportunity to both learn and experience a new way of having fun, would you grab a chance?

VS Office & Education with MVP Aleksandar Nikolić will take place in Mokrin House from April 6 to April 10. 2020.

What’s all about? Namely, attending our event is going to help you understand how to automate your Azure Infrastructure Solutions.

Everything organised in Co-Living style, check more about Co-living here.

What are we talking about? Well, the Azure Portal is a great tool for your Azure resources, but working on more complex IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solutions is going to make you realize that GUI (Graphical User Interface) wizards don’t scale.

An issue? We have a solution. Automation is a key to fully embrace what Azure IaaS offers. In other words, after our education you will have an impressive understanding of how to automate provisioning and management of virtual machines. With a very special guest Aleksandar Nikolić, a well-known MVP in Microsoft Community, Microsoft Azure Advisor and a system administrator who has more than 18 years of experience, productivity is assured.

Let’s redefine what an open-minded fun means. Basically, if you want to experience a balance between professional development and positive energy, VS Office & Education is the next logical step for you. It promotes a healthy lifestyle because it won’t take place in the conference room, which makes it innovative and, so far, unseen in this region.

Stop waiting and make the right decision, we’re waiting to make your life with Azure Automation better and simpler.

Redefine. Experience. Improve.

Course Objectives

After completion of this course you will have a solid understanding of how to automate provisioning and management of virtual machines, set up networking, manage virtual machine storage, and some of the common VM extensions using different automating technologies in Azure

Course Audience

Senior level IT Professionals, System Engineers and developers who want to automate provisioning and management of Azure Virtual Machines and related IaaS resources.

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