About us

Our story

We are providing Cloud Infrastructure and Cloud Analytics tools and projects to help your business adopt new Microsoft’s Cloud technologies faster and maximize efficiency across organization.

Productive Office


Our vision is to be One-Stop Shop for Microsoft technologies. Our main goal is to help your business adopt Microsoft’s technologies suited to your needs, thus providing you with the means to improve efficiency across your organization.

Who we are

VS Office is a Microsoft Cloud technologies provider based in the US. As a Microsoft Partner company, we are run by an agile team of IT experts. VS Office offers Microsoft business intelligence tools and technologies implementation, education, support and expert consulting, tailored specifically for each clients’ needs. When choosing VS Office as your software provider, you are also choosing a full range service including individual customer support.

Our offer is sorted in the 4 main groups of Microsoft IT business solutions:

  • Modern Workplace – with Microsoft 365, you will be able to unleash creativity in your employees through new models of empowerment and new ways of working.
  • Business Applications – every business process is being digitized and for this evolution to be successful, we must move to modern, modular apps with a common data model. AI is being infused into business applications in order for your organization to have intelligence to best serve your customers’ needs.
  • Applications and Infrastructure – with Azure, a platform that is distributed and supports hybrid computing, you can build specialized applications into the core of your business.
  • Data and AI – empower new levels of insight and automation by combining all the data you already have with AI. The cloud fueling AI is helping organizations transform and build their own systems of intelligence, their own AI.


We know that these software products, services and technologies are very rich in options and often tough to understand when choosing the best solutions for your business. That is why we are providing:

  • Individual approach – we understand that your business and its processes and people are unique, so that is the kind of approach you will get from our team. We will not offer you copy-paste solutions, but real, studied solutions developed for the needs of your organization. 
  • Clear and understandable offers – we want you to know and understand what you are getting from us.
  • Education and support – while these applications and technologies may be confusing, we are here for you every step of the way, teaching you how to best utilize them for your organization.
  • Expert consultations – our experts will be at your disposal for additional consultations regarding all of your cloud, data, AI and applications dilemmas.