Why digitise?

Digitalisation is a top priority for the largest enterprises and organisations in United States and the Nordics – but motivations, goals and capabilities vary between countries and industries.

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So, where to prioritise?

When deciding where to digitise, companies primarily seek to improve in four areas: engaging customers, transforming products and services, optimising operations and empowering employees

Most companies start their digital transformation journey with only some of these objectives in mind – but a fully integrated digital company can eventually leverage all four components.

Engage your customers

Harnesing data for a complete view on the customer journey, drawing actionable customer insights, and delivering personalized, differentiated customer experiences at scale.

Empower your employees

Providing insights to employees to drive faster and better decisions and creating productive workplace where things get done while protecting the organisation, data and people from critical risks.

Transform your products

Optimizing delivery mechanism, adding value-adding services, personalizing content, differentiating deliveries, etc. to improve value propositions and capture emerging revenue opportunities.

Optimize your operations

Accelerating business responsivness, improving service levels, reducing costs by moving processes from analog to digital, and anticipating the future with intelligent processes.

How to succeed?

Through our partnership with Microsoft, we have identified seven key capabilities needed to get digitisation right on an operational level.

No 1 - Not at all
No 5 - High assessment

1. Digital Leadership 4.7 Self-assessmen
2. Functional Clarity 4.5 Self-assessmen
3. Future Way of Working 4.4 Self-assessmen
4. New Competencies 4.3 Self-assessmen
5. Adaptive Governance 4.3 Self-assessmen
6. Two-speed Techonolgy 4.3 Self-assessmen
7. Open Collaboration 4.0 Self-assessmen

So, you want to become a digital-first business?

How VS Office can help you on that journey?

And educating your team to get in-house projects on the right track

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With specific offers that can be implemented in a very short time

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Four main Cloud-first, Mobile-first Microsoft initiatives

Modern Workplace

Modern Workplace - with Microsoft 365 and Office 365, you will be able to unleash creativity in your employees through new models of empowerment and new ways of working.

Business Applications

Business Applications - every business process is being digitized and for this evolution to be successful, we must move to modern, modular apps with a common data model. AI is being infused into business applications in order for your organization to have intelligence to best serve your customers’ needs.

Apps & Infrastructure

Applications and Infrastructure - with Azure, a platform that is distributed and supports hybrid computing, you can build specialized applications into the core of your business.

Data & AI

Data and AI - empower new levels of insight and automation by combining all the data you already have with AI. The cloud fueling AI is helping organizations transform and build their own systems of intelligence, their own AI.

And why are we good at it?

Because through our partnership with Microsoft, we cover all Cloud-first, Mobile-first initiatives with, trust us, highly detailed technical knowledge.

And in addition, we have developed In-House Solutions that can speed up adoption of Microsoft tehnology on your jouney of creating digital-first business.

Our departments

VS Office Department 360 Reports

Our department 360 Reports is specialized for Microsoft Power BI, Business Intelligence, and Microsoft Data Platform in general, check our 360 Reports website here

VS Office Department 360 Digital

A Digital Twin is a digital replica of a living or non-living physical entity. By bridging the physical and the virtual world, data is transmitted seamlessly allowing the virtual entity to exist simultaneously with the physical entity. Specilized website will be avaliable during autumn 2020.

CEO's Blog about Mentoring about Data Engineering and Microsoft Azure Architecture. Check out ideas for areas of BI, AI, analytics, reporting, application development, and how you can join to a large Data Engineering and/or Microsoft Azure Architecture community. Website is avaliable here

About Us

VS Office Company

We are providing Cloud Infrastructure and Cloud Analytics tools and projects to help your business adopt new Microsoft’s Cloud technologies faster and maximize efficiency across organization.

Our vision is to be One-Stop Shop for Microsoft technologies. Our main goal is to help your business adopt Microsoft’s technologies suited to your needs, thus providing you with the means to improve efficiency across your organization.

VS Office is a Microsoft Cloud technologies provider based in the US (soon also in Norway/Europe). As a Microsoft Partner company, we are run by an agile team of IT experts. VS Office offers Microsoft business intelligence tools and technologies implementation, education, support and expert consulting, tailored specifically for each clients’ needs. When choosing VS Office as your software provider, you are also choosing a full range service including individual customer support.



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Partnership with Microsoft

Partnership with Microsoft
Microsoft Partner

We follow Microsoft deply with their tech team, and Microsoft supports partners like us. From the first negotiations of the project to the details of the architecture and even the small but important technical details, we are able to implement almost the entire portfolio together. For the same reason our support service can really be called a Premier level. If we encounter a more serious problem, then the development team at Microsoft itself gets our problem. We leave nothing unresolved

Partnership as Microsoft Seller
Microsoft Seller

One of our responsibilities is to sell Microsoft products, but not for the sake of large quantities, but for the correct selection of the required licenses or subscriptions, with the selection of products that are really necessary on the project. With this approach, clients come to us again and this build a long-term relationship. We are not interested in short-term sales

Official Microsoft Power BI Partner since 2016.
Microsoft Power BI

Official Microsoft Power BI Partner since 2016. We have been working intensively with Power BI products from the very beginning of the current version, from Power Query defining inputs through DAX functions when creating models with frequent use of the powerful Analysis Services machine to the data visualization phase